Brooklyn Art Space has an Open Studio, 60 Semi-Private studios, and hosts Trestle Gallery and Room 58.


Open Studio: The Open Studio is a 4,000 square foot shared studio with abundant natural light throughout the day. Here BAS provides tables, easels, and taborets. Members of the Open Studio are free to arrange the space as needed while they work.*  The studio has high ceilings, white walls, heating/air conditioning, Wi-fi, two slop sinks, trash/recycling areas, drying racks, and lockers.    

Semi-Private Spaces: Semi-Private spaces vary in size, but range from approximately 8 x 8 to 11 x 11 feet. Many Semi-Privates have windows, and all have high ceilings, white walls, heating/air conditioning, Wi-fi, and access to trash/recycling areas.  Semi-Private members must bring their own equipment, but each space is highly customizable per approval by the BAS Director.  

Trestle GalleryTrestle Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space that is home to diverse activities. Trestle presents 8-12 exhibitions per year, and two one-night Brooklyn Art Space Member Salons. Figure drawing takes place three times a week in this space, as do regular art talks, critiques, and professional development workshops. Trestle is also available to artists and curators through the curator-in-residence program and one-night event rentals.   

Room 58: Room 58 is a designated space for writers to work. It is comprised of two quiet adjoining spaces totaling about 800 square feet. In both spaces, the area is divided into semi-private cubicles with a lamp, desk, outlet, and bulletin board. Room 58 also has heating/air conditioning, free Wi-fi, and access to printers and recycling.  Visit to learn more about Room 58 rates and availability. 

*Please visit the Rules & Regulations page for details.